Integration of PrivateFlare and AlterCPA

The AlterCPA platform supports automatic domain parking via PrivateFlare. The network itself will create all the added domains and prepare them for work.

Step 1. Preparing a PrivateFlare account

You will need a paid PrivateFlare account to work. Click on your name in the upper right corner, select "Get API key" and copy the key. You will need it for further settings.


Step 2. Preparing the nodes

You need at least one PrivateFlare node to work. The process of selecting and preparing nodes is described in the "Quick start" section. Select server according to the planned traffic volumes. No special settings required.

Step 3. Setting up parking in AlterCPA

Go to the "Control - Settings - Sites" section and enter the IP address of your node in the "Parking IP" field for all types of domains.

In the "Technical settings" block, check the box "Using a front-end server or Private Flare".

In the "PrivateFlare" block, specify the API key from the first step and specify the required settings:


Using PrivateFlare allows you to avoid the limitations of the front server: keep several nodes running at the same time, generate certificates faster, and instantly move in case of problems.