Pay for the service

Immediately after registration, you need to pay for access to the service. You can request a free trial period for 10 domains for up to 1 month.

Very important! Before buying, make sure you know how to work with hardware and traffic! We will not teach you this, we don't provide any training! We will not refund your money if you don't know how to work with it! We are not responsible for your skills!

To purchase access, please contact us and agree on a tariff you are interested in. The service charges the number of simultaneously active domains (slots). You can see your limit in the control panel at the bottom left. The number of servers (nodes) is not limited.

Prepare payment

After choosing a tariff, you can proceed to payment. Go to the "Bills" section and click on the big green plus sign button. We offer any kind of cryptocurrency through the services NOWpayments and Cryptomus. Choose the option that is convenient for you and deposit funds. If the rate is not suitable, agree on a new rate with our specialists.

Make payment

Approximate term for crediting a payment in USDT is 5-15 minutes. The subscription fee is taken in equal parts daily in the amount of 1/30 of your tariff. Please don't forget to make payments on time or make a long term payment. When the amount is over, all requests to sites will return an error and the traffic will stop.

Accounts on the site are personal. It is prohibited to use one and the same account for a group of persons or to acquire access in a joint venture. If this violation is detected, you will be given a warning. If the violation persists, your account will be suspended without a refund.

Service payment methods

You can pay for a subscription using NOWpayments and Cryptomus services. If a suitable payment method is not in this list, please contact us - we will find the best option.

Refund policy

If necessary, you can return unspent funds for the full calendar months that were paid by you in advance. If part of the prepaid month has already been spent, the funds for it are non-refundable.

Explanation: if you paid three months in advance, we will refund you the two prepaid months that you have not touched. There is no refund for the current month.

We try to return funds using the same method by which they were deposited into our service. Each case of return is considered individually with the specification of the necessary details. Please contact us using the method convenient for you to clarify the details.

Important! We will not refund your money if you do not know how to work with hardware or with traffic! We are not engaged in training and are not responsible for your skills!

If the account is blocked due to violation of the current international legislation, the funds will not be returned.