Why should I need it …

I've heard this question quite often. But every time - with different endings. Let's run through the most common ones. Perhaps some useful answers can be found in FAQ. Read more about release and proxy principles in developer blog.

… if we have CloudFlare?

Yes, this is a reasonable question, but only for not very experienced affiliates. I'll explain in more detail.

A long time ago CloudFlare and Google became official partners, it is officially described here. Therefore, there is technically no guarantee that Google does not have access to the real IP addresses of servers hidden behind CloudFlare. In addition, according to the opinions of media buyers from different verticals, the last few years, working with CloudFlare domains is almost a guaranteed ban. Due to the "dirty" backend (we don't change the tracker server every day, right?) or the very fact of using CloudFlare is unknown, but there were reviews.

Facebook claims in its patents that it takes into account the IP address of the domain server. And it would be very naive to hope that with all this anti-fraud system, Facebook does not have access to the real IP addresses of the servers behind CloudFlare. I have no such hopes.

CloudFlare does not allow any abuse to be ignored. All complaints about domains are automatically forwarded directly to providers. Tested multiple times with Hezner and Timeweb. This is a direct road to blocking the server.

… if I can set up a proxy on Nginx myself?

Yes, you can, here is my own instruction. But just don't forget to renew the certificates. Also forget about high availability, or figure out how to synchronize certificates. For convenience, wrap it all in an internal API. And yes, you can do it, but is it worth it? As a result, you will get a simplified analogue of PrivateFlare and a lot of time and money spent. It's easier to buy our ready-made solution.

… if there is an AlterCPA front server?

Yes, that's a great idea. It can issue certificates itself. But it can be deployed in only one copy and it takes time to rebuild certificates when moving to another server. In addition, it works well exclusively in conjunction with AlterCPA products.

… if i can …?

I'm very happy for you that you can. But youth is fleeting, and with age not everyone can. In a serious business, clearly defined business processes are needed, with a clear structure and price. And all homemade preparations, unfortunately, do not always withstand the production load. The idea of the PrivateFlare service was born at the time of organizing a top arbitrage team for ~150 buyers in spades. So, all the business processes embedded in the PrivateFlare algorithms have been tested in the difficult conditions of various networks.

… if i can just have multiple servers?

The most naive for a snack. Yes, you can drag the tracker from server to server at least every day - your gods will help you. Here's just a question: when to work with you traffic?